Three copies of Flora magazine

New Arrangements with 1980s Flora

Theme for February 2024
This month's theme for Keep and Cut Up Club is "new arrangements", featuring 1980s issues of flower arranging magazine Flora.
A cartoon elf, with the caption "Flora says - practice makes perfect, so do lots of arrangements"
One of the compelling period features of these magazines is their interest in connecting East and West, with extensive attention paid to the Japanese art of ikebana. Ikebana is closely connected to the tea ceremony, and is practised as a reflection of the passing of the seasons and the temporary beauty of living things. Perhaps the art of collage, creating arrangements of paper ephemera, involves a similar meditation on the inevitability of change.
Easter themes floral arrangements on a double page spread - bunnies on one side, mother Mary on the other
How do you feel about the creative destruction of these vintage publications? Will you keep them intact as archival records of trends in the history of floral art, or will they be cut up for your next assemblage of paper ephemera?
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