Board of Directors

Zoyander Street

Zoyander does most of the day-to-day running of Typeset and is also a trustee at NEoN Digital Arts and a director at online critical writing non-profit Critical Distance, as well as a PhD student at Lancaster University. Zoyander has been an artist for many years and continues to support artist around and promote an artistic community. He self-publishes books online and supported online content marketing campaigns during his tenure as editor of business site Gamesbrief. He has organised many arts community events at different scales, e.g. through Critical Distance, and previously through Queerness and Games Conference in North America.

Jennifer Booth

Social arts pioneer Jennifer Booth has been creating community-based art in the town for well over a decade, including projects with budgets of over a million pounds and ongoing work with at-risk youth. She is in a leadership position in the local branch of Social Arts Network.

Tair Rafiq

Story-maker Tair Rafiq is among Rotherham's most innovative and imaginative theatre practitioners, having worked with local artists and actors for years. Until recently, he was a board member at Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance.

Emily Marlow

Emily Marlow is a curator at the National Videogame Museum, and a co-organiser of the Gaming the Gothic conference, and also brings to bear many years' experience in customer service and front-of-house management.

Steve Allen

Steve Allen is art writer and critic. He volunteers at SIte Gallery, is a regional contributor for Corridor8 and has worked on many projects with Sheffield Museums. Steve also leads the written practice That Looks Queer. 


Our volunteers make Typeset what it is and help provide our welcoming, chill atmosphere whilst also maintaining Typeset's day-to-day.

Join our volunteers and contribute to the local and arts community in Rotherham.