Keep or Cut Up Club

Become a club member, and we'll send you a package in the post every month. We curate the contents, and you decide their fate: will you keep them like precious treasures, or cut them up and make them into new works of art?

Support an artist-run social enterprise dedicated to building creative community in a post-industrial Northern town, and get hand-picked unique paper materials every month!

What you get

Our collection is eclectic, playful, and surprising. Every collage kit features a stunning variety of textures, colours, and historical eras. We can't wait to share it with you.

All members of Keep or Cut Up Club receive:

  • a monthly delivery of creative upcycled materials
  • a fresh how-to guide created by an artist in our community, inspiring your next craft project
  • and great discounts in our online store

We send out a themed publication to every Club member who subscribes to the Full set and Adventurous bookworm kits. We're planning a series of fantastic themes based on donations from our local artistic communities, including:

  • "Finding your way" with distressed vintage maps
  • "New arrangements" with 1980s Flora
  • "Wish you were here & now" with 1990s postcards
  • "One small step into cyberspace" with Y2K era tech manuals
  • "In focus" with analog photography guides