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A Sleep of Prisoners

A Sleep of Prisoners

by Christopher Fry

Twyford, 1951

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A Sleep of Prisoners is a 1951 verse play by Christopher Fry. It concerns four English prisoners of war locked up in a church overnight, and the Old Testament style dreams they have springing from an argument between them. 

Commissioned as part of the Festival of Britain, the anti-war drama, directed by Michael Macowan, opened at St. Thomas' church in Regent Street, London, in May 1951. It then toured churches around Britain with its cast of Stanley BakerDenholm ElliottHugh Pryse and Leonard White It was also performed in churches in America later the same year

T.C. Worsley wrote "Each of the dreams is dramatically conceived and touched off with that sharp sense of the comic incongruity of things which is Mr Fry's personal approach to life and words."

(description above from Wikipedia)

This attractive, hardback first edition is in good condition, with only minor wear to the jacket and charming yellowing of the pages. 

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