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Typeset CIC


by Joann Fletcher

Duncan Baird Publishers, 1999


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This book showcases the art of ancient Egypt in all its glory, from the breathtaking pyramids and monumental temples to vivid wallpaintings, magnificently sculpted statues of kings, queens and deities, and royal jewellery of exquisite intricacy.

Presents a superb pictorial record of ancient Egypt, with specially commissioned artworks and over 100 stunning photographs, all in full colour

Includes a fascinating account of such key themes as the pyramids, Isis and Osiris, the pharaohs and the afterlife

Reveals, with full commentary, the broad repertoire of ancient Egyptian symbols and motifs - from the sacred scarab to the ankh, or "key of life"

Provides a vivid and authoritative text to accompany the rich treasury of images

Moves deftly from theme to theme to present a fresh appraisal of the cultural legacy of ancient Egypt, based on the latest research

Sets the art of ancient Egypt against the broader background of Egyptian wisdom, spirituality and mythology