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Typeset CIC


by Jo Forty

Sunburst books, 1996


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THE White Nile originates deep in Equatorial Africa;

the Blue Nile high in the Ethiopian Mountains, They converge on present day Khartoum and together they combine to form one of the world's longest and most regular rivers, from whose desert oases and fan-shaped delta sprang an astonishing 4,000-year old civilisation. Agriculturally based, this early civilisation was to leave behind the amazing technological achievements of its temples, tombs and, its most lasting landmarks, the Pyramids. Its peoples imaginalion and zest for life wove as complex a web of belief and ritual, cultural explanation and rationale, as could be found elsewhere at any time. Ancient Egyptians and their gods functioned for a period of time approximately twice as long as our current Christian era. With the desert making natural geographical frontiers, the Nile dwellers had the safety of isolation in which to develop their completely unique approach to life. Their legacy has inspired us since archaeologists in the 19th century first started clearing the sands of time from their massive monuments.

Today the images ot their buildings, art and culture are icons known the world over: Irom the Sphinx and the great pyramids of Giza to Tutankhamuns treasures, the civilisation of Ancient Egypt lives on capturing our imagination and evoking an image of the past which will live forever.