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Typeset CIC

Art Assemble Collage Kit

Art Assemble Collage Kit

by Jennifer Booth and Heather Dewick

Typeset, 2022

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Self-assembly collage kit with rare and vintage materials

Local artists Jennifer Booth and Heather Dewick have created a set of collage kits to distribute to members of the community who are not able to attend in-person events due to the pandemic. These are DIY artworks for you to assemble yourself, exploring paper, ephemera, old photos, postcards found abandoned, and magazines from various decades, creating a conversation between generations.

Enjoy, handle, move, cut, slice, rip to make your own story, your own diagram. Using a selection of vintage and contemporary paper ephemera, you can make your own artwork as a kind of conversation with the materials in front of you. Consider the way a photograph was taken, the way an old postcard was written, the handwriting, the unfamiliar narratives in old publications. This is the start of an inter-generational conversation, making hands-on connections in the physical world.

Make one and return one!

These kits contain enough material to make at least two collage artworks. You are invited to make one to keep and one to return to us. Returned artworks will be displayed in the window at Typeset.

Free for those who are isolating, donations requested from everyone else

Despite a widespread return to physical social spaces among abled people, the ongoing experience of isolation continues to be shared in common among people managing a variety of vulnerabilities, including ageing, disability, and mental illness. At Typeset we aim to use physical media to connect people and unite local creatives across generations, centering those who are often marginalised.

With that in mind, we are first offering these kits for free to people who are isolating or not able to access social spaces as much as others due to the ongoing pandemic. Others are welcome to participate in this project, but we ask that you contribute a suggested donation of £3 or £10, depending on your means.

RELOAD funding acknowledgement

Made possible with the support of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) as part of the RELOAD Programme of support for cultural and creative industries, helping community event organisers to safely restart and return following the easing of pandemic measures.

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