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Cacas: The Encyclopedia of Poo

Cacas: The Encyclopedia of Poo

by Toscani, Oliviero



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From the moment we're born to the moment we die, we produce it. It's as natural as breathing. But many of us can't bear to look at it, touch it or smell it. We dispose of it behind closed doors, flush it down clean white toilets, don't mention it in polite company. It's one of ""civilized"" society's last taboos. Enough! It's the world's most underrated resource. We can cook with it, build with it, admire it, wear it. It's unique (no two examples are alike). It's as old as creation. It will never run out. It's time to celebrate shit.Cacas, the first ever encyclopedia of shit, is a project of Colors. The magazine about the rest of the world, Colors has been on sale bimonthly since 1992 in 80 countries worldwide, in 8 bilingual editions: English paired with Italian, Japanese, Croatian, German, Spanish, Greek, Russian and French. As is the case with every issue of Colors, this book explores a single theme. And, as is the case with the magazine, the book Cacas exists thanks to United Colors of Benetton.-- ""All that glitters is not gold"" Oliviero Toscani-- Explores 68 different types of animal shit from Antelope to Zebra-- A unique cultural anthropology about shit-- Features interesting and fascinating stories around the most natural thing of the world

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