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Daisy and the Dwarf Dragon

Daisy and the Dwarf Dragon

by T. Rafiq

Daisy Crumb, 2018


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Daisy Crumb has just had a haircut, but that is the least of her problems. There is a dragon on the loose, orphans are being abducted and Daisy has been sentenced to death. Luckily her mum shows up to the hanging with a hockey stick. Daisy escapes to the city to seek help from her uncle the legendary dragon slaying detective. But the dragon has many low friends in high places and Daisy finds that her nightmare has only just begun…

To mark the third anniversary of Daisy’s debut, author Tair Rafiq has produced a special exclusive hardback edition, available to buy only from Typeset. Numbers will be limited. Grab yours while you can…

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