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Driftwood and Amethyst

Driftwood and Amethyst

by O'Brien, Kate

Penguin Classics Hardcover, 2011


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Sophie and Danny arrive to find their holiday destination full of old folk and resign themselves to a week of boredom. Forced to make their own entertainment, they soon discover all is not as it seems. Venturing away from the beach, they encounter many curious sights; a lost boy, a mysterious puppeteer and the remarkable Mrs. Dawson. Before long, the lines between daytime and dreamtime become increasingly blurred. Read on for a tale of conflict, daring, magic and menace, as Sophie and Danny embark on an adventure which will change their lives forever. "The twists of the story were amazing-it leads the readers to actually go on a journey with Sophie and Danny . . . the readers feel as if they were literally part of the story, experiencing the adventures first hand. The story sparks every reader's imagination-truly a colorful narration. This is a must-read" Mae Gibbs (Publishing Consultant)

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