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Extraordinary Fixes for Everyday Things: Instant Answers for Hundreds of Everyday Hassles

by Readers Digest

Readers Digest, 2009

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Think about the past week. How many little things went wrong? How many times did you make a note something that needs to be improved or fixed at home? How many times were you just utterly frustrated with a person, a thing or a situation? That is exactly how many times "Extraordinary Fixes For Everyday Things" could have helped you. From a messy room to a button that's popped off your shirt to a burnt roast to a rain-soaked shoe, this new book from "Reader's Digest" delivers fast, clever and thrifty solutions to most every conceivable problem or annoyance. Throughout its 368 pages, "Extraordinary Fixes For Everyday Things" delivers an amazing stream of fixes - many ingenious, all practical, all proven to be effective. It is an exceptionally useful resource for everyday problem-solving. So, if your children are whinging...your toilet is leaking...your dinner is drying out...your shirt is stained...your hall is a mountain of shoes...your workplace is thronged with sneezy people...Guess what? It's no trouble at all. For these and hundreds of other problems, "Extraordinary Fixes For Everyday Things" has the fastest, most effective solution.