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Flourish : Practical Ways to Help You Thrive and Realize Your Full Potential

by CICO Books

CICO Books, 2021


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Discover how to realise your full potential and become a healthier, happier you. Do you feel you are just getting by - surviving rather than thriving? Flourish reveals the secrets of fulfilment with a wealth of advice and practical ways to increase your energy and drive. In the first chapter, Nourish Your Body, learn how to boost your physical health through the pillars of wellbeing: movement - finding the exercise that's right for you and getting the most out of it; sleep - for restoration; and diet - considering not just what you eat but also how you eat.

The second half of the book, Nurture Your Mind, focuses on your mental and emotional health for greater happiness and less stress through self-care, and helps you find out what you really want so you can make the most of your work, discover your life's purpose, and achieve your goals and dreams.