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Heal Yourself with Colour : Harness the Power of Colour to Change Your Life

by Walaa

Wellbeck, 2021


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It's time to turn up the colour!In this interactive book colour therapist, Walaa takes you on a journey through the spectrum of colours. helping you to decode your colour personality and enabling you to work with it to create the life you've always wanted. Walaa's unique Color Ways programme will help you ground yourself, find balance, raise your energy levels, quash your inner fears, declutter toxic relationships so that you are re-fuelled and refreshed.

You will learn: * What colour personality you are: red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, magenta or violet and what each colour means and which chakra it is associated with * Why you are attracted to certain colours and how you can use them to create positive change in your life * What colours to wear and to surround yourself with to bring abundance, clarity and healing * How to use the energy of colour to improve how you feel and think * What colour numerology is and how to use it * Easy daily and weekly rituals and techniques for using colour, including visualizations, numerology, meditation, mantras and mudras, and body and home treatments.