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Typeset CIC

Home Brew: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Tipple

by Rouxel, Doug; Paston-Williams, Sara

Pavilion, 2011

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From Pure and Simple Pilsner to Quince Vodka, Marigold Wine to Meadmore than 90 recipes for home brewed beer, cider, and fruit wine   Whether its a light crisp lager, a heavy and dark stout, a cloudy, fruity wheat beer or a malty mild, this inspirational guide has all the tried-and-tested techniques for the best recipes to brew up at home. It provides all the information necessary on ingredients, techniques, and brewing equipment, with tips and step-by-step instructions for each recipe. Recipes include sparkling ciders, perry, or mead; delicious fruit wines and spirits; and favorites for the whole family such as cordials, lemonade, ginger beer, or rosehip syrup. Handy tips and guidance will ensure that before long you are enjoying your own brewthe perfect way to make the most of seasonal fruits.