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Hope through Recovery : Your Guide to Moving Forward when in Recovery from an Eating Disorder

by Hope Virgo

Wellbeck, 2021


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In this practical guide to life in recovery, mental health campaigner and survivor Hope Virgo offers practical and emotional support tools for anyone who has had an eating disorder, whatever the type. The book combines her personal experience with her work with parents, patients, educators and health workers. Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya lends his clinical experience and knowledge, giving additional guidance and advice throughout.

Learn about Hope's story, the myths about eating disorders, and where you may be in your own recovery. Look at the building blocks for a successful recovery, and the situations you may encounter in daily life that will challenge your recovery. Hope unpicks how to cope and learn from these experiences.

Finally, she looks at the possibility of relapse, and how to deal with this if it happens to you. Read from beginning to end or dip in and out when you need extra support and help. This is the book Hope wished she'd had when she was fresh out of hospital and entering back into the 'real world'.