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Patch Gunn: A Western Story returns in "One Mile South of Hell"

by Jake Smithies

Pulp Pup Inc., 2021

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One Mile South of Hell is the second book in a new series of pulp western stories following the (mis)adventures of a drunken, one-eyed bounty killer named Patch Gunn. Presented in the retro-style of a 1940s pulp American magazine, complete with faux-advertisements redolent of that time period, this highly collectible short story is brought to you by genre publishing company Pulp Pup Books, Inc. and is available in a limited print run.

Written by D. G. Bell (the Ends Meat series) and beautifully illustrated by Sheffield-based illustrator Jake Smithies, One Mile South of Hell is destined to become a collector's item for all fans of pulp storytelling and classic western iconography.