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Typeset CIC

FREE Tickets: Storygames event series

FREE Tickets: Storygames event series

by Russell Jones

Typeset, 2022

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Storytelling and play are vital to how humans process their experience and create new shared values and ideals.

To help people come together within a safe, playful space, and process what we have all been through in our times of isolation and grief, Typeset is hosting a series of three storygame events. Using only pen and paper and dice, visitors will participate in improvised story games, where everyone collaborates to create a storyworld and decide what happens within it.

This series acts as an introduction to a global art movement that has grown significantly in recent years: from Nordic LARP to American Freeform, people around the world are using the structure and social nature of tabletop games to explore feelings and tell deep stories. This is a very LGBTQ+ inclusive scene, and all the game creators who we feature in this series either identify under that umbrella or are outspoken allies.

Each session will feature a different game, made by independent creators locally and abroad. All are facilitated by Russell Jones, the creator of one of the games in the series as well as an experienced game master who has been running tabletop games for over a decade.

These events are free to attend, but you are invited to give a donation to help us to cover our costs. Each date is a standalone event, and you do not have to attend all of them in order to participate.


17th February, 6 pm - The Quiet Year

The Quiet Year, Avery Alder (2013, British Columbia) - A map building game where players chart the fate of a community recently safe from crisis. How will they make use of this period of calm?

3rd March, 6 pm - Ryne

Ryne, Thrynn Henderson and Adam Dixon (2021, York) - A system hinging on emotion, where the ghosts of titanic ancient gods wander the land. Small stories in a big world.

17th March, 6 pm - The Circle

The Circle, Russell Jones (2018, Sheffield) - A gothic game where players take on the role of Victorian characters holding a seance. Delve into the pasts of unreliable narrators and get to the truth of what really happened that fateful night.

Funding acknowledgement

Made possible with the support of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) as part of the RELOAD Programme of support for cultural and creative industries, helping community event organisers to safely restart and return following the easing of pandemic measures.

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