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Typeset CIC

Van Gogh: The Life and Work of the artist illustrated with 80 colour plates

by Lara Vinca Masini

Thames and Hudson, 1980


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An attractivehy priced library of monographs dedicated to presenting the work of the greatest painters, sculptors amd architects of all time. Each volume, based on the latest research, is uritten by a leading authority, and contains a biography, a critical appraisal of the work, and fully documented notes on each plate.


For nearly everyone, Van Gogh personifies the legend of the misunderstood genius: the virtually self-taught Dutch artist, ridiculed by his contemporaries, who painted like one possessed but scarcely sold a picture, who eventually went mad and then shot himself. This tragic story, so movingly told in Van Gogh 's letters to his devoted brother Theo, has tended to obscure his immense importance, second only to Cézanne's, as one of the father-figures of tweeth century painting. Lara Vinca Masini's vivid, searching account of Van Goghs lhe and career is based on the findings of the latest research. It does full justice not only to the astonishing power and originality of the painter's work, but also to his great significance in the history of art.