The perfect last-minute holiday gift

The perfect last-minute holiday gift

It's not always easy to find the right gift for a creative person. If someone is really into a specific craft, surely they already have everything they need? And there's no accounting for the very specific tastes of the artists in your family.

We have just the thing: an annual gift subscription to our Keep or Cut Up Club. Typeset's group of experienced artists hand curate our selection of collage materials, sending your loved one an eclectic set of one-of-a-kind pieces every month. Our friendly low-cost tier, "Just My Type", is just £3 a month, or £31 a year, plus postage.

Members subscribed to our middle tier, "The Full Set", also get a vintage publication, following a new theme every month. This month's theme is Ladybird picture books, with beautiful and well-loved editions dating from the 1950s to the 1970s. We choose the contents, and our members make the final call: will they keep these vintage artefacts as they are, or cut them up to make new works of art? It's £10 per month, or £84 a year, plus postage.

a selection of ladybird picture books

At the top tier, the "Adventurous Bookworm" will get everything in The Full Set, PLUS a bonus surprise book from our collection of hundreds of books on arts, crafts, history, poetry, and more. It's £20 a month, but if you pay annually it's half-price at £120 a year, with FREE shipping!

To buy membership as a gift for someone you love - or multiple someones - you'll want to use our special withfriends link, which will give you the option of a "gift membership". Get your gift subscription to our Keep or Cut Up Club now.

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